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Thursday, 06 December 2018 06:45

PowerABA is Adelaide Business Agents

We have changed our brand from PowerABA

We have changed our brand simply put ... to better reflect who we are and what we do!

"Adelaide Business Agents" will be the brand you see from now on, but it is still the same quality of service and expertise that we have always prided ourselves on...for +/- 25 years.

We live in an age where attention spans are shorter and first impressions are everything.  In this climate we have decided that our name should and reflect tell people more about what we do. 

We are Business Agents/Brokers  with expertise founded in years of experience helping Adelaide business owners sell their businesses, so what better name than "Adelaide Business Agents".

Because we have been around for so long, the (old) name of PowerABA will still be known and used by our extended client base for some time to come, but when you look for PowerABA you  are likely to find "Adelaide Business Agents" branding instead. 

Eventually the PowerABA name will drift out of common use and fade away, but we are still here with the same work ethic, expertise, passion and personnel so if you want to buy or sell a business think of "Adelaide Business Agents".