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Adelaide based business ; with Contracts

+/- $365K per annum.

[+] $110,000  to a working owner.

Selling Your Dental Practice ?

The process of selling your practice can be both time consuming and "daunting".We have clients now wishing to purchase. 0417 859 190

Selling Your Dental Practice ?

The process of selling your practice can be both time consuming and "daunting; Bona fide clients wishing to purchase now.  0417 859 190

Selling Your Pharmacy ?

The process of selling your pharmacy can be both time consuming and "daunting; Bona fide clients wishing to purchase now.  0417 859 190

Located in inner north S/Centre.

Trades 5.5 days. Suit Owner

Asking Price $81,500 + stock


Established Adelaide based transport firm; delivering freight throughout SA.

+/- $4,500,000 annual revenue.

Asking Price $3.0 mllion


 Well known and established licenced Cafe / Restaurant located in inner North S/Centre. Trades 6.0 days-can trade 7. +/- $25,000 per week sales  


 Well known and established Wholesaler, Publishers' Agent & Distributor of books and e-book, mainly in the educational sector. New-Repeat-On Going b2c trade. 

*Revenue $1.8million *Sale Price $SOLD

Established Adelaide based transport firm. Has regional SA depot. Pickup-Delivery-Backloads Local, Country & Interstate. +/-$2.8 million Revenue SOLD   


Established (ISO9001) recruitment/ labour hire firm known for its quality effective B2C solutions.Has experienced "forward thinking" consultants achieving clients' and customers' goals-needs in a effective way. AR = +/- $2.3M.

ADELAIDE - 7 days-Inner  metropolitan area

GP, Medical Centres, Dental nearby
Nursing home [x7] work

Stock = $240,000 [$85K -dispensary]

Scripts = +/- 10,402/285  scripts annual/daily*

Revenue = +/- $2,155,332; 32.3% GP


ADELAIDE - Inner  metropolitan area
Part of trading group/Medicos' nearby
Nursing home work

Scripts = +/- 230 scripts daily*

Revenue = +/- $1,400.000

$1,750,000 + Stock*


+/- $8,000 weekly sales

+/- $1,350 weekly rental

2 x locations

$89,000 + stock

 +/- $100,000 annual revenue

+/- $ n/a rental

both property & business



+/- $2,000 weekly sales

+/- $2,800 weekly rental

$19,000 + stock

+/- 5.% return on investment

+/- $rental to be advised

6 x 1brm'd  and 2 x 2brm'd units

+/- 1,000 sqm (700+300)


$2,000 revenue per week 

$ nil rental applicable

To Suit Owner-Operator/Business Migrants $120,000*

$3,000 revenue per week 

$ nil rental applicable

To Suit Owner-Operator/Business Migrants $100,000* 

Located inner south S/Centre 

Multi revenue streams - Trades 6.0 days*

To Suit Owner-Operator/Business Migrants

+/- $2.0 million annual revenue

$600,000+Stock (200K)

Located Adelaide Plains

Both Property & Business Available

Suit Owner-Operator/Business Migrants

+/- $1.5 million annual revenue*

30 x  units/rooms-various configurations*

+/- 10,000$ weekly revenue

+/- 3,500$ weekly rental

Suit working Owner/Family/Biz. migrant*

$580,000 + Stock 


Revenue       +/- on enquiry per week;
Rental           +/- on enquiry
Both Property/Business together
12 rooms+ amenities;

+/- 95% occupancy


55 x  units/rooms-various configurations*

24 hour check in; free wifi *

Licenced Restaurant/swimming pool*

Suit working Owner/Family/Biz. migrant*

$1,750,000 + stock



Plastic recycling is the process of recovering scrap or waste plastic and reprocessing the material into useful products, sometimes completely different in form from their original state. New, Repeat and On-going customer trade

+/- $ 950,000 annual turnover; +/- $210,000 NTPBT

*off market until further notice

Adelaide based business; Contracts insitu.

+/- $365K per annum*

(+) $110,000  to a working owner*

AP  $210,000*

Part of National trading group. 34 x  ground level units. Close to the Adelaide Airport;5 minutes to Harbour Town shopping
WIFI broadband connection;Outdoor pool and barbecue. Guest laundry;Foxtel, including Sport, Movies and Disney channels
Quiet suburban location;Close to Golf courses. 
$6.0 million "freehold"


 +/- 25 years trading;Product Design, Fabrication & Distribution of Access systems for large mobile equipment.Recognised brand/s across a diverse range of industries including oil,gas,mining,transport sectors. SOLD


Sales       +/- 5.0% Return on investment
Rent        +/- tba
Glenelg North area
6 x 1 brm’d and 2 x 2brm’d units
+/- 1,000 sqm (700sqm + 300sqm)


Sales    +/- 20,000$ per week; +/- 49.5% Gross Profit*
Rental   +/- n/a*

+ 70 stores  WA, SA, NT VIC, TAS.* 
Specialising in printing solutions
International brand/product recognition
$1,495,000 [nil stock]




Both Business & Property.

Located  metropolitan area

Plant & Equipment- includes trucks, bins, fork-lifts etc.

Price $on enquiry

Located in outer metro/inner country area/

+/-  44,600 sq. metres / +/- 11.0 acres

Accommodation, Cabins, Caravan and Camping sites

*Licenced Restaurant/Tavern/Gaming machines

Opportunity to develop*


*Both Property & Business

* +/- 123 Acres

*Consists of Accommodation, Cabins, Caravan and Camping sites

*Licenced Restaurant



Established Food Manufacturer with ongoing & "new" trade. 

High GP% with end profit line.

Sales               $on enquiry
Rent                 $on enquiry

Business         $450,000




我们有业务适合亚洲/ Visa签证要求。加上中文的同事 - 今天打电话

We have business to suit Visa requirments ~plus Chinese speaking associates-call today

Selling Your Pharmacy ?

*The process of selling your pharmacy can be both time consuming and "daunting".We have a  100% success rate in Pharmacy transactions.*Bona fide clients now wishing to purchase


*+/- 44,500SQM Landholding at present is a operational  Caravan Park, Tavern, Restaurant,Gaming licence and CPO.

A commercial opportunity exists to develop this +/- 44,600 sqm site into a MHE (manufactured housing estate) within the Land Lease sector.

Due to the complexity of this offering, details are by "appointment only".

Located in LGA Glenelg 

2 x Titles; 300sqm (a) and 700 sqm (a)

8 x Units (6 x 1 brm'd and 2 x 2 brm'd)

$2.2million Details by Appointment