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Retail SOLD

Sales       +/- 28k - 30k per week
Rental     +/- 3,300 per week
Trades 7.0 days
 Inner Northerm S/Centre
Suit working owner/business migrant

Sales       +/- 6,000 per week
Rental     +/- 1200 per week
Trades 7.0 days
 Southgate Plaza S/Centre
Suit working owner/business migrant
$39,000+stock  SOLD

Prime Elizabeth S/Centre location.

+/- $15,000 weekly sales

Suit Family, Migrant, Partnership

$145,000+stock  Sold




* Loc'd outer nothern metropolitan area

* Same owner for many years

* Part of successful trading group


* Loc'd  inner eastern metropolitan area

* Same owner for many years

* Part of successful trading group


All Offers Considered!

Located in popular S/Centre

Trades 7.0 days; external S/C location

+/- $7,000-$7,500 weekly sales

Suit family/working owner

 $78,000   68,000$ $55,888 +plus stock 

All Offers Considered!

Located in popular S/Centre

Food Court; trades 7.0 days*

+/- $4,500 to $5,000 weekly sales

$88,000; $68,000  $55,888+stock


Sales      +/- $13,500 per week*
Rental     +/- $1,150 per week*
Stock value sale only; say +/- $50,000
Inner suburban area
Suit working owner
Price      $6,000 and $50,000 [stock]

+/-$5,000 per week*
+/- $500 per week*
Situated in the popular township of Normanville, positioned in prominent location. Caffe on Bungala is established with a loyal local customer base, plus attracts weekenders and tourists alike. 

$120,000 + SAV



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+/- $3,500 per week*
+/- $350 per week*
Trades 2.5 days per week
Fresh product/Suit working Owner Operator
68,000$ plus stock

+/- $2,833 per week
+/- $865 per week*
A sound business and something special - trading for over 90 years!  - well maintained plant and equipment and has olde world charm. 

$49,000 plus stock

Storage Kits
An innovative established business - specialising in filing and storage kits for all those childhood memories, keepsakes and achievements etc…
$10,000 stock


 “asset sale”
+/- 4,000$ per week*
+/- $1,166 per week*
Normal retail hours
Suit working owner
Popular location
105,000$ plus stock



Sales    +/- 7,000$ per week
Rental +/- 600$ per week
Magill Road location
Trades 7.0 nights; 5pm to 930pm
Suit Owner Operator/Biz. Migrant
65,000$ plus stock


Sales      +/- 4,000$ per week
Rent        +/- 900$ per week
Trades     9am to 8pm 7.0 days
124 Sheriffs Road, Morphett Vale
3 BRM   Accommodation included
$39,000 plus stock

Sales       +/- 5,600 per week
Rental     +/- 600 per week
Trades 7.0 days
Clovercrest Shopping centre
Suit working owner/business migrant

Sales    +/- 4,000$ per week
Rental  +/- 1,100$ per week
Trades 7.0 days
Victor Harbor S/Centre
Suit working owner
Price    $25,000 plus stock

Sales        +/- 7,500$ per week
Rental      +/- 690   $ per week
Trades 6.0 days; closed Mondays
Price         $134,888 plus stock


Sales     +/- 5,500$ per week
Rent     +/- 452$    per week
+/-75kgs chips per week
+/-25kgs fish per week
+/- 60 birds per week;
+/- 10kgs burger meat per week
Suit owner/operator; biz. Migrant etc.
28,000$ plus stock

Sales          5,000$ per week sales
Rent           $600    per week rental
Trades 7.0 days
Suit working owner/business migrant*
$49,000 plus stock

Located on busy Jetty Road, Glenelg

Trades 7 days; suit working owner

Well known and established; repeat trade*


Sales       +/- 40,000$ per week
Rent        +/- 1,250$ per week
Trades 7.0 days/20,000$ per week lottery sales
Outer northern areas – Gawler precinct
Suit working owner/business migrant
$360,000+stock under offer

Located on OG Road

Trades 6.0 days/Suit working owner



"Beach Road Newsagency "
Sales          +/- 35,000$ per week
Rent           +/- 1,000$ per week
Lotteries     +/- 1.5million$
Newsagency = +/- tba$
Christies Beach precinct
Price           $260,000 plus stock

Located in inner nth'n suburb adjacent to CBD

Trades 7.0 days

Suit working owner/couple


Under Contract

Sales         +/- $8,500 per week*
Rent          +/- $750 per week
Arndale Shopping Centre
Trades 7.0 days; Sunday optional
Suit working owner/family-Bus. Migrant
$on enquiry + stock



Located on King William Road, Hyde Park/Goodwood Area

Trades 6.0 days

Indoor/Outdoor seating

Suit working owner

Sales         +/- $5,000 per week
Rent          +/- $500 per week + O'goings
Trades 6.0 days; closed on  Mondays
Outer northern area; small S/centre
Price         $65,000 plus stock


Café/Snack Bar
Sales           +/- 7500$ - 8,000$per week
Rent            +/- 750$ per week*
Trades 5.0 days
+/- 10-15 kgs. weekly coffee sales
Located in CBD building – eastern side
Price        110,000$ plus stock



Located in S/Centre, western side of CBD

Trades 5.5 days

Recently upgraded

+/- 10.0kgs weekly coffee sales

Sales        +/- 8,000$ per week
Rent         +/- 700$ per week
CBD precinct, Pulteney Street
Trades 7.0 days/Licenced
Suit Owner Operator – business migrant

$50,000 plus stock

Sales               10,500$ per week
Rent                 3,000$ per week
Gross Profit      2,500$ per week
Staff: 1 Full Time, 3 Casual staff
Lease: 5 Years + 5 Years
200,000$+stock reduced price


Sales           15,000$ per week
Rent             3,500$   per week
Westfield TTP S/Centre
Trades 7.0 days
Suit working owner/Business Migrant
280,000$ +stock reduced price



Euro-Asian  restaurant on Unley Road

Trades Wednesday to Saturday, 530pm to "late"

Suit Catering oriented operator.


Unley Road precinct

Trades 5.0 days

Suit working Owner



“Mamak Corner” takeaway - Chinese Malay
Sales         8,000$ per week
Rent          1,400$ per week
Bank street, CBD
Suit Biz. Migrant
Trades 7 days
Price       160,000$ plus stock


Only trades 2.0 days

Adelaide's best private party venue


food Court (Asian) Eatery
Sales         3,500$ per week
Rent          1,650$ per week
Harbortown Food Court precinct
Trades 7.0 days
19,000$ + stock  SOLD

Sales             +/- 7,000$ per week
Rental           +/- 1,250$ per week
Hyde Park Precinct
Trades 6.0 days
125,000$ plus stock

Sales                +/- 12,000$ per week
Rental               +/- 3,000$ per week
TTP Shopping Centre-food court area
99,000$ plus stock

Sales             +/- 15,000$ per week
Rental           +/- 1,350$ per week*
Pasadena S/Centre -prime location
Trades 5.5 days
220,000$ plus stock

Sales     +/- 5,000$ per week
Rental   +/- 625$ per week
Station Arcade; Hindley Street, CBD
5.5 days; Suit working Owner
Price     75,000$ plus stock




Located in prime spot in near CBD S/Centre

210 birds; 350kgs chips per week

Trades 6.0 days



Located in prime spot in premier shopping centre

Operated under management/Suit working owner/business migrant

+/- 25.0 kgs weekly coffee sales



Sales        +/- TBA$ per week
Rental      +/- TBA$ per week
Main Road, Blackwood;Trades 5.0 days*
A franchise system
$25,000   $15,000 plus stock

Infant & Babywear

E-Commerce & Shop Front trade

Suit owner Operator


Located CBD - East side

Trades 5.5 days

+/- 37.5kgs coffee sales per week

Indoor (45) & Outdoor (20) seating

Suit Owner Operator/Suit Business Migrant



Located on Fletcher Road, Largs North

Trades 6.0 days; seasonal influences

Suit Owner Operator/Migrant 


Located on prominent road, Eastern suburbs

Trades 5.5 days

Suit Owner Operator/Suit Business Migrant


Located on main road,  outer northern suburbs

Part of Trading Group

Suit Owner Operator/ Migrant



Located in Northern Shopping Centre

Various revenue streams

Suit Working Owner/Business Migrant


Under Management

outer Northern suburbs

Modern design and layout

+/-150,000$ - $175,000$ to a working owner [stc]]


Specialising in a wide variety of beauty treatments, this salon enjoys an excellent reputation and has many repeat clients.

Services include: peels, massage, manicures, pedicures, shellac, eye and brow tinting, organic tans, hair removal, facials and waxing.

The Salon also stocks a wide variety of quality beauty products - for both in salon use and retail. 

Operated by an owner operator and one employee - this established business and would appeal to an Beauty Therapist.

Located in Harbourtown S/Precinct

Trades 7.0 Days

Suit Owner Operator/Suit  Biz. Migrant


Westfield TTP

Trades 5.5 days

Suit Owner Operator/Suit  Biz. Migrant


Unley Road precinct

Trades 5.0 days

Suit Owner Operator/Suit  Biz. Migrant


CBD Location

Suit Owner Operator/Suit  Biz. migrant


* Located  metropolitan area

* Same owner for many years

* Part of successful trading group


* Trades 7.0 days-* Suit Owner Operator

* Morphettvale S/Centre precinct

+/- TBA "birds" per week

+/- TBA kgs chips per week


* Licenced

* Suit Owner Operator

* Southern Fleurieu  area



* Jetty Road, Glenelg

* Suit migrant/family

* An Adelaide icon



Sales       10,000$ per week
Rent        TBA per week
Located on Jetty Road, Glenelg
Trades 6.0 days; Suit Owner Operator
Lic’d for 50 persons
110,000$ plus stock

*"Wendy's On Wheels

*Trades +/- 80 days per year

*Suit Owner - Operator

*Inner Metro. Area

*+/- 20.0 years trading

*Popular & Recognised Brands


*Located in CBD Arcade, adjacent Rundle Mall

*Food Court area

*Trades 5.5 days

*Suit Owner-Operator


*Located in NNE S/Centre, Grand Junction Road

*Trades 7.0 days/*Neat 'n' Tidy Shop

*Suit Owner Operator/Business Migrant 


*Located in S/Centre, +/- 8.0 kms from CBD

*Trades 7.0 days; under 'partial management'

*Licenced; Indoor & Outdoor Seating


*Located in North-Western  S/Centre

*Chicken/Carvery type and style business

*Suit Owner-Operator

*Food Court-high foot traffic


*Prime postion Hallett Cove S/Centre

*Operated under partial management

*Neat 'n' Tidy fitout

*Client advises...Submit all offers!


*Located in inner southern metro. area

*Trades 5.5 days

* Indoor/Outdoor seating

* Both Property & Business for sale

*"Stock Only Sale"

*Located on Cross Road, Glandore

*Trades 7.0 days

*Change-of-Use Opportunity


*Located in inner northern S/Centre

*Trades 7.0 days; early close on Tuesdays

*Indoor / Outdoor seating

*+/- 2,500$ per week to a working owner

SOLD ...Business Relocated

*Well known and established

*Provides HD meals to Aged Care Sector


*Located in Westfield West Lakes S/Centre

*Both Retail and E-Commerce Trade

*Well known and Established

*Suit Owner - Operator/Family



Part of successful trading group
Trades 7.0 days; inner metro. area
To suit a working Owner Operator.