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Services & Professional

Event & Function Planner & Hire

Well known & Respected

Regular and  future work available

$88,000 + Stock




+/- $29,000 per week [stc]

+/- $6,760 weekly rental

55 rooms / units with facilities



Sales        +/-15,000 per week
Rental      +/- 250$ per week
short hours*
Price       $15,000 plus stock

Agency *
$250,000 per annum
Adelaide based company providing exceptional “home care” services/solutions

 +/- $25,000 per week ~ commissions/ATM rental

 +/- $800 weekly rental

Property also available



We are the Australian Agent for "Asian Business Brokers"; operating in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Phillipines, Indonesia*.

Contact us today; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


suit "working owner"; could be home operated*


 A mobile skip hire business

Some 14 trailers-different configurations

suit "working owner" 



 +/- 25 years trading;Product Design, Fabrication & Distribution of Access systems for large mobile equipment.Recognised brand/s across a diverse range of industries including oil,gas,mining,transport sectors. SOLD


75 places

Very well presented 5 room purpose built centre in Suburban Adelaide - south.The centre has recently undergone renovations which have boosted the centre's appeal to parents. A long lease is offered.


Selling Your Dental Practice?

PowerABA is an  Adelaide based brokerage with 100% success rate in Dental Practice  transactions

then consider PowerABA tel. 0417 859 190

[franchise system]
Sales       +/- $10,000 per week
Rent        +/- $1,500 per week* plus outgoings
Prime S/Centre location; trades 7.0 days
Sells fresh & dry pet food products

$126,888 + $20,000 stock



Accommodation – lodge/hostel
Sales       +/- 5.0% Return on investment
Rent        +/- tba
Glenelg North area
6 x 1 brm’d and 2 x 2brm’d units
+/- 1,000 sqm (700sqm + 300sqm)


Pet Food Shop - flagstaff hill [some w’sale]
Sales        $17,500  per week
Rental      $770    per week
$350,000 + stock ($100,000)

food Court (Asian) Eatery
Sales         3,500$ per week
Rent          1,650$ per week
Harbortown Food Court precinct
Trades 7.0 days
19,000$ + stock

"Home based"
Sales         +/- 2,000$ per week
Rent           +/- home based
Compliant MV included
Price         120,000$

Restaurant – “Giwa Korean BBQ Buffet" 
Sales             +/- 7,000$ per week
Rental           +/- 1,250$ per week
Hyde Park Precinct
Trades 6.0 days
125,000$ plus stock

Sales       +/- 3,000$ per week
Rental     +/- home based
Fully compliant MV
Suit working owner
Price      100,000$


Food Court Eatery [asian] “Sakura Dumplings”
Sales                +/- 12,000$ per week
Rental               +/- 3,000$ per week
TTP Shopping Centre-food court area
99,000$ plus stock

Sales        +/- TBA$ per week
Rental      +/- TBA$ per week
Main Road, Blackwood;Trades 5.0 days*
A franchise system
Price       $15,000 plus stock

Sales        +/- 15,000$ per week
Rental       +/- tba$ per week
Trades 7.0 days
Property also available
Suit owner operator/family/business migrant
Price        500,000$ plus stock


Reference   LP- cp

Sales        +/- on enquiry
Rent         +/- 500$ per week
Operates 5.5 days*
A franchise system
Suit owner operator
Price       60,000$ plus stock

Sales    +/- 20,000$ per week; +/- 49.5% Gross Profit*
Rental   +/- n/a*

+ 70 stores  WA, SA, NT VIC, TAS.* 
Specialising in printing solutions
International brand/product recognition
Price   1,495,000$ [nil stock]




Auto – window tinting
Sales      +/- 3,000$ per week
Rental     +/- 230$ per week
Suit owner operator
Both retail & commercial trade
Inner northern workshop
Price     70,000$ plus stock

* 1 x chair practice

* 20 years insitu

* 2 rooms - 1 plumbed

* Near Medical Centre

Off Market Until Further Notice



我们有业务适合亚洲/ Visa签证要求。加上中文的同事 - 今天打电话

We have business to suit Visa requirments ~plus Chinese speaking associates-call today

*Suite 4, 83 Fullarton Road, Kent Town.

*Both Offices &Work Stations now available

*Includes Short & Long Term rentals

*Suit "professionals/white collars" 

*telephone ~ 0417 859 190

Thinking of Selling Your Practice/Surgery/Business?

The matter of selling a Medical, Dental  and Alternative business can be both time consuming and "daunting" to say the least!Here at PowerABA, we have some 25 years of successful experience to assist you.We embrace various aspects in our marketing strategy, which includes:* a multi-level/channel digital marketing plan;* On going b2b relationships dealing with:*- Business/Professional  Migrants/- Accountants/-other Brokers and Agents/- Migration Agents...- as well as having a Buyer database* and Chinese "speaking" staff.So, please consider PowerABA 

Selling Your Pharmacy ?

*The process of selling your pharmacy can be both time consuming and "daunting".*Adelaide Business Agents is the only Adelaide based brokerage with 100% success rate in Pharmacy transactions.

*Bona fide clients wishing to purchase

*This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Hostel (residential/boarding) House

close to Marion S/C; Flinders Uni. & Hospital
+/- 2,150$ per week
+/- 9.0% return
+/- 95-100% occupancy
12 rooms + communal facilities

Price    $880,000 "walk in-walk out"



Inner metropolitan Shopping Centre

Rental = +/- $78,000 per annum; plus CPI & Outgoings

Revenue = +/- $835,000 per year

Asking Price = $1,200,000

Under Contract to settle 02/2018


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