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How To Sell Your Business

Adelaide Business Agents based in Adelaide specialise in appraising and selling businesses.  Our team are licenced and registered business agents & brokers that assist with the sales process from the initial appraisal of the business through to the final settlement of the business.

We sell all types of businesses including:

  • Health related businesses such as medical practices/centres, dental, pharmacy, optometry, physiotherapy, etc.
  • Professional practices such as accounting, auditing, bookkeeping, financial planning, marketing, recruitment, etc.
  • Services
  • Wholesale
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Specialised/niche type businesses
  • Hospitality, Tourism & Leisure
  • Licenced Premises
  • Retail - General and Food

We source buyers locally, nationally and internationally using established connections, direct approach and fresh, innovative sourcing solutions.  

what is my business worth

What is my business worth?

An important part of the sales process and the decision-making process is to understand what the business may be worth in the current market based on a willing seller and willing buyer.  We can undertake a Business Appraisal which will provide you with a realistic price range outlining what we believe your business could be worth, plus we also provide some further information regarding the costs and process involved. 

If you are genuinely thinking about selling, we do not charge for the initial Business Appraisal.  Once this has been determined, you will have a guide as to the likely realistic market price of the business and we can move forward from there.

what is my business worth

Listing your business for sale

To engage Adelaide Business Agents to sell your business we enter into and execute a Business Sale Agency Agreement, which is also referred to as an Agency Agreement. This appoints us to act on your behalf as per the agreed conditions and terms. The agreement covers the agreed price, exclusivity, length of time, fees, other costs and various other conditions.

preparation of business information prior to sale

Preparation of information memorandum

In conjunction with you, we prepare a confidential Information Memorandum which provides information that a prospective buyer, their accountant and bank would normally need initially to make an informed decision about your business. This is a very important document in the sales process, and it is critical that it is prepared and presented correctly. Our firm prepares all Information Memorandums rather than outsource the preparation - as we believe it is an essential part of the process



preparation of business information prior to sale

Marketing The Business

We specifically tailor the marketing approach we use for each business depending on their requirements. We use a multi-pronged marketing approach including advertising via websites and other mediums, identification and targeting specific buyers, direct marketing, communication to our extensive databases including accountants, lawyers, registered buyers, contacts and bankers. We are constantly seeking out new potential buyers for your business. In the sale of a business, knowledge and contacts make all the difference. We are able to “open doors” and create opportunities which would otherwise not be available to most people.
Often we work with clients to derive a list of potential strategic purchasers. In some instances, our clients have an initial list of potential purchasers, but in all cases targets are also derived from our own extensive and focused research. We source buyers locally, nationally and internationally using established connections, direct approach and fresh, innovative sourcing solutions.


dealinf with potential buyers

Dealing With Potential Buyers

As part of our process, we ensure that all potential buyers complete a Confidentiality Agreement before receiving any information on your business. We arrange all meetings and facilitate discussions between potential buyers and sellers. We facilitate the information requirements of the potential buyers and undertake negotiations to secure an offer and acceptance. Throughout this process we keep in close contact with you to keep you informed of potential buyers and their status.


dealinf with potential buyers

Offer And Acceptance Process

When a potential buyer indicates, they would like to make an offer we draft and prepare the sales documentation including heads of agreement, offer and acceptance, special conditions and deed of restraints. We use documentation developed for this specific purposes. If the sale involves a share transfer, and sale agreements and shareholder’s agreements are required, we liaise and assist the Lawyers in the process.


Due Dilligence when selling a business

Due diligence, other conditions and settlement

Acceptance of the offer is the first step in a long process which must be facilitated and managed. There are various conditions which are required to be satisfied as part of the sales contract which often include due diligence, finance approval, lease assignment, staff and others. We manage and facilitate the process through to final settlement of the business with your nominated settlement agent. 
Throughout the process there are various professionals such as lawyers, accountants and bank managers for both the buyer and seller that we need to work closely with in order to make sure the sale is concluded successfully and in a timely manner. This is often a time-consuming process and needs to be constantly monitored to make sure the sale continues to move forward to settlement.


Adelaide Business Agents

Why use “Adelaide Business Agents”?

Selling a business can be both time consuming and stressful. Adelaide Business Agents has been appraising, and selling businesses for over 30 years, so we know what to do, when to do it and how to do it, which can be different every time.
A business sale requires dedicated focus, planning and opportune timing – together with patience and skill. We deliver a professional and personalised service to achieve the best outcome for our clients.
The ADELAIDE BUSINESS AGENTS DIFFERENCE means you are engaging a dedicated brokering team which:

• Are Qualified and Registered Business Agents and Brokers.
• Are experienced, innovative and bring a range of diverse skills and experience to the sale process
• Sets realistic and achievable expectations
• Uses a professional and ethical approach for both sellers and buyers
• Are discrete and maintains strict confidentiality
• Provides a high level of customer service with regular communication during the sale process
• Leverages proven marketing methods which are continuously reviewed and refined
• Works on a mostly success-fee basis – so when you get paid, we get paid
• Provides a personalised service which works to your schedule – you deal with the Broker directly and they can be easily contacted outside normal business hours which often better suits our client’s needs
• Are genuinely passionate about working with sellers and buyers to achieve the best outcome
• Works with you from start to finish, from the initial appraisal through to the final settlement

We are passionate and excited about selling businesses and would welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements.
For a confidential discussion regarding the sale of your business, please contact us today.


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